1. Rails Girls Shanghai 20-21st February 2012

    Rails Girls Shanghai, which was held a week ago for the first time, gathered together 25 pioneer women (and a couple of men) to learn some Rails! Even without the Internet working all the time we managed to get a good buzz going on throughout the day and some of the brave participants took also part in the Ruby Tuesday meetup later in the evening. 

    What happened then? 

    Some win moments for coaches when things went well. Here Daniel celebrating! 

    Coding and a little chaos. Bentobox exercise on way!

    Natalie took care of the sugar levels of the participants by offering some authentic finnish candies.

    Thomas came up with a new way to explain all the different tools we we’re using during the day.

    Lunch was served and people split up between tables. Mysterious table-discussion topics like jQuery, DHH and open source didn’t make the discussion any quieter!

    Can you say Backend!

    Rails Girls at its best. Total beginners helping each other out. That’s the spirit!

    Moments of concentration. 

    And progress..


    Our friends from iFanr.com we’re also doing a stellar job in reporting the event in text and pictures. (Photo credits: iFanr.com Weibo)

    Daniel explaining and some of the tools (Photo credits: iFanr Weibo)

    Mutual learning (and a lot of comments!) (Photo credits: iFanr Weibo)

    The Bentobox exercise in action! (Photo credit: iFanr.com Weibo)

    Peter Vesterbacka, the mighty eagle of Angry Birds, also made an apparance!

    Coaches received small Octocat badges, some chocolate as well as hopefully a fun experience in teaching. 

    All in all a great day - thank you all who participated and hope to see more Rails Girls events being organised in China! (Photo credit: Tongji University Weibo)