1. 163 reasons to learn coding - and only one event!

    Oh boy, we just went through 163 beautiful applications from Berlin and is there a need to  make coding available for everyone or what? 

    Check out a couple of excerpts from the applications

    In the start-up scene, developers are kings. It’s a man’s world! Which I want to help changing for a better one.

    Because I am incredibly interested in programing and never had a chance to get to learn anything about it.

    I’m a designer working in the web field and feel strongly that designers are also developers - and developers are designers. I think everyone in the industry would benefit from designers learning and implementing more code - and while I have a good basic grasp of frontend code, I feel my work (both hands-on work and work with others) will be enriched by learning how things work “”behind the scenes”“.

    I would love to get into Rails as well to learn something new and to feel more comfortable with the parts of the companies’ product that I don’t directly work with, but should nevertheless understand and know about. 

    I want to add a bit of programming to my skill set and to be able to talk to my boyfriend who keeps telling me how glad he is to have a job that lets him work with Ruby all day long.

    I have a design education and always find myself having lots of ideas for stuff I would love to program or prototype but need a kick start in terms of learning rails. I also have a particular idea I would like to use rails for.

    Because I want to use the skills I learn to increase transparency around the extractives industries, improve governance, and increase the accessibility of publicly available information around the sector. 

    Because I no longer want to be the one who comes up with ideas but then has to ask someone else to build them. I want to be able to do it myself. 

    On a more broader level I read articles about how programmers are the new artists and creators of our world with a lot of interest. And getting to know some of that logic first-hand will hopefully help to evaluate such theories. 

    I want to explore new ways of storytelling/communication through digital technology and open source tools/data. Meaning how one could use different APIs and hardware technology to create a meaningful and sticky product/service but also new tools for the creatives. Now, it’s high time to learn coding myself and become more independent from programmers. 

    ”(..) is programming the website and I’m supposed to organise the communication about the project, but when I see him programming, I’m so jealous because he seems to have so much fun and I want to have fun too. And also, I hope that after the workshop, I could help him by programming the website, even if only for small things or by pair programming.

    because I love the concept - it is great to see that growing a week beard and eating yesterday’s cold pizza are not the basic requirements to be called a tech nerd anymore. not intending to offend guys, but I have a feeling that girls contribute in a way yet to be seen. 

    Its time for me to learn to bake the whole cake, not only decorate with sweet sugar glace ;o)

    I am interesting in learning Ruby on Rails to explore the possibilities of applying the knowledge acquired through your workshop to projects for the arts, education and social innovation.

    I am girl. I have had the pleasure of meeting some fierce female programmers and I want to help break the stereotype

    I thought that a new programming language could help with that (no, I won’t use it to procrastinate!). I chose Ruby because a lot of my (today still) coding friends are exited about it and I can see the different possibilities of using Ruby. I could make one or more little projects, maybe start a github-profile and understand my coder-friends better, when they talk about trees etc. Unfortunately they have no time to teach me or help me improve my coding skills.

    I love using well designed apps and it bothers me that I can not build ones I would find useful myself.

    Almost all coders I know are male and into coding since childhood days - I tried to get some of them to teach me some basics but that was really frustrating because a good coder is not necessarily a good teacher. :

    I want to create better products and understanding how they are and can be built should really help.

    If you want to help us make more Rails Girls events in Germany (like @la_lynne in Hamburg), send an e-mail out to contact(a)railsgirls.com. 


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