1. Rails Girls Helsinki: “I even bought a book about Ruby, which is exactly how far I’ve got in actually learning it.”

    Just days to go for our next Rails Girls Helsinki event - we’ll be e-mailing all the participants today! And if you can’t make it this time, no worries, as the next RG Helsinki is going to be organized already in September together with Frozen Rails.

    Meanwhile, we wanted to give you the chance to check out excerpts from some of the amazing applications. Like in Berlin, Helsinki ladies also prove that learning to code is something that interests people whatever the background. We are proud to be able to bring these makers & shakers together for a few, code-filled days. 

    When I first heart about Rails Girls last year I got immediately interested in learning Ruby and Rails. I even bought a book about Ruby, which is exactly how far I’ve got in actually learning it. 

    I am finalizing my thesis on app store developers, and I am going to do my Phd on app store developers starting September. I have the business knowledge, have heard developers but am totally naive about practical development of an application! 

    I’m new to Ruby and we don’t have any courses around that at my school. I like to brainstorm, meet people and learn and build new things. 

    I have always been very excited about technology but at the moment I feel like my skills level doesn’t match my interest level. That’s why it would be awesome to build my skills in programming. I love to learn new things and I have lots of Sisu in finding stuff out myself (I just build two websites myself just by trying different options long enough and googling tipps) and I think Rails Girls would be a perfect push&help in starting to learn programming. 

    I have a feeling that learning more about code would be almost pivotal for me professionally. 

    I want to attend because I’m tired of being the digital marketing person who can order the work and make small tweaks on the sites.

    My background is in product design, consepting and being innovative. But so far I have been too shy about start making programming stuff from scratch by my self. 

    I’ve been as an intern in an digital marketing office, but being the only girl in the office, I felt like, as being a girl, I shouldn’t ask about coding or programming, and just go make tea and look pretty; if you know what I mean…

    I am a social scientist by training but after I started working full time I became fascinated by the possibilities technological advancements provide for the public sector. I do not know much about using technology in practice… yet. But I am eager to learn. 

    I love learning, and I always want to learn new skills. On top of that, I am sort of a huge nerd and I usually hang out with programmers so learning programming would definetely help my social life too. 

    Being creative and learning new skills is what keeps me on going. I want to learn designing, prototyping and coding, and I consider Ruby on Rails as a very significant platform as e.g. Twitter has been built on it. I believe that the workshop could give me both skills and new ideas on what is possible. Also, getting the chance to meet new people with similar interests is really fascinating. 

    I work in media and it bugs me not to understand anything about the technical side of a hugely important aspect of my line of work. Given the increasing importance of websites, social media and data journalism I would love to at least understand what the web wizards at my work place are talking about - and maybe even know how to do some of the things they’re doing. 

    I’m working as a financial journalist for an online publication. Still, I’m kind of an old school print journalist who basically knows how to find out all the needed info and how to write the story. But I’d love to understand something about the technical stuff too, in order to be more able to discuss with the data guys etc. 

    Despite my lack of skill, I am truly fascinated with the world of programming and how it creates a platform for the new ways our society is built on. I have always been curious as to how it works ‘behind the scenes’, and being a part of this workshop would give me a peek into the secrets that the everyday user doesn’t know of.

    In my opinion the ICT sector provides challenging, customer-driven environment with only little rigid hierarchical management bureaucracy often too familiar within product-driven financial business.

    At my current job I am involved with companies’ online strategies and the processes required for the online business so I would like to understand how the world underneath the user interface actually is created.When I first heart about Rails Girls last year I got immediately interested in learning Ruby and Rails. I even bought a book about Ruby, which is exactly how far I’ve got in actually learning it. 

    I’d love to take part in a happening where I can find other girls who have passion for coding. They are so hard to find!! There are definitely a place for girls-only coding events.


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