1. Happy coding in Amsterdam!

    Amsterdam and it’s canals charmed us in an instant on our first day! What a wonderful city with so helpful people.

    Not only the organizers came from abroad, but many coaches saw through the trouble of arriving three days before EuRuKo, just for Rails Girls! 

    One of the organizers Krista with coaches Karen and Marion 

    The weather was truly on our side, we had our fair share of sunshine, which came in handy- our coach Terence and Yehuda improved the installment script just before Tuesday evening and with that, all the installments were done in less than a half an hour so we could all enjoy the sunshine and drinks at the 80beans office!

    Workshop @ Lev Kaupas. Not only were we spoilt by a massive sunny terrace and a beautiful venue (also used as an art gallery!) but sooo lekker food! Nothing could of been better inspiration! 

    Samantha, one of our attendees gave a lightning talk on “Programming is everywhere” which gave us all some smiles and laughs to start the day.  

    Here’s her website you might want to check out! Graspe.nl

    Josh walking through tryruby.org with the attendees New Zealand style! 

    Anna and Konstantin  are #lindaing and Terence is #squirelling. 

    Sven Fuchs  is already an essential part of the Rails Girls curriculum (along with many other coaches), and we’re so happy to have him, as he really can explain things in understandable ways! “jQuery is the one that makes you get notifications on facebook without refreshing the page.”

    Some of our coaches were organizing EuRuKo the coming days, and still took the trouble to come and speak at Rails Girls like Josh here did. However, there was some serious work to be done as well.. 

    Unfortunately the “thing” took our 50c and gave no ride. Sometimes in life, you have to live with minor setbacks and move on! 

    Our Heroku heroes Richard and Terence have a quick lightning talk on open source and Github. And made their funny slides 2mins before.  

    The whole day went nicely and we were definitely well taken care of on the food, drinks and sunshine side. EuRuKo even gave the ten most eagar ones passes to the conference which was long sold out- they had been keeping them for us. 

    Special thanks to the wonderful, inspiring Amsterdam, the EuRuKo crew, Wooga, Github, Fingertips, Lev KaupasSpace Babies, 80beans, and Netprofile!  Without all the help from these companies in various ways and the help of the locals, and Dutch all around Europe it would not have been so much fun!! Dank je Veel!! 

    Oh and look who we caught just before EuRuKo! It’s Jon Leighton  with a supercool Rails Girls tat!! 

    Keep on coding and keep on meeting each other there by the canals and parks. Those bike baskets were made to carry computers around.. ;)

    Thanks for having a great time with us everyone! :) We’ll miss you Ams!