1. “I believe that in the future programming will be like reading and writing nowadays” - rationales for learning to code - the Paris style

    Only a couple of days to go for the very first Rails Girls workshop in Paris. We will be e-mailing all the participants today! Meanwhile, we want to give you the chance to take a look at some excerpts from the amazing applications. Like in the other cities, Paris ladies also prove that learning to code is something that interests people with different backgrounds. We are looking forward to amazing code-filled days in Paris!

    I studied mathematics and I have always enjoyed problem solving, hard thinking and all that is logical and precise. I also love languages, and I think that programming languages are a great combination of my two big passions : mathematics and languages.

    Above all, I think creating software and coding is cool and can be a means to freely express ideas in a beautiful way.

    I believe that in the future programming will be like reading and writing nowadays , so I don’t want to stay behind. Finally I also want to improve my geekiness…

    Because cut and paste is not enough. Actually, I work with programmers, I interview them ( for a geek media ) very often, and I want to be part of the doers, stop to be only an observer !

    Nowadays, programming is a powerful tool which enables people to create and to innovate by using the most accessible device, the computer. I feel I have inside me, ideas and resources that I want to put to work and I need a way to express them in the real world. And I think programming can be a solution. 

    As a long term plan idea, I would like to teach children programming and to empower them to create and to innovate.

    I’m very interested in learning to code, I’m tired of seeing only guys doing it, I feel that women should have a (big) place in the coding world. I hope it’ll be the case in the future and I’m determined to be an example for the hesitating others! :-)

    I’ve got plenty of ideas and I wish to be able to bring some of them alive but I can’t afford to pay devs to code them. So I’m more than excited by learning to do so :) Besides, I’m kind of a geek and I’ve always wanted to know how to program. 

    Always curious about learning new skills especially technical and linked to web. I like to share ideas, listen to new approach, network, give my support to involved person. I am a team player and I am convinced that women bring complementary approach to projects and they should spread the word.

    Post by Satu Suuronen