1. Rails Girls year 2011-2012

    “I thought I was just going to a workshop where I would meet some people, score a SoundCloud shirt, and learn a few things about Rails. I had no idea I was stumbling right into a movement that was clearly set out to do something big!

    I think the entire attitude of the workshop is summed up with “Why the hell not!”

    Why shouldn’t I learn how to program?

    Why shouldn’t I make a career out of it?

    I think if any of us had doubts that we couldn’t do it, Rails Girls set us straight.”

    - Participant in Berlin

    Wow, what a year it has been! In order to give you an overview of the stuff that has happened so far we put together a small yearbook until end of April (so a lot has happened even after that!) 

    The yearbook includes some statistics, anecdotes from events, some thinking behind our curriculum and of course a lot of pictures from the hands-on coding events. Hope it will convey the environment, ideas & organization we’re aiming at building!

    Here’s to the future - can’t wait to see what happens.

    » Download the report (PDF, 7.05 Mb)
    » View it on Speakerdeck 

    Our year (and a half) in numbers.

    13 events
    28 forks on GitHub *
    66 watchers of GitHub repo
    55+ stories written
    90+ coaches
    450+ participants
    700+ applicants
    1175 Twitter followers
    1306 Facebook fans
    42  867 unique visitors

    *) Guides are being translated into chinese, french, russian, polish and spanish!