1. ¡Hola! Feelings from Buenos Aires

    The first day of Rails Girls Buenos Aires started off with high hopes and loads of smiling faces. Rails were installed, new friends were made and maybe we even learned a few new things.

    Before we head towards the real deal coding on the second day, we leave you with a few tweets that truly represent the atmosphere of the first day. Fun, impressive and true excitement to learn.

    Leandro is one of our super coaches, and he was impressed by the amount of women who want to learn how to code! Among many other things, he’s the organizer of RubyConfAr - maybe now we’ll be seeing more women in this year’s conference!

    Canchera ≈ “I’m so good nothing can stop me” :)

    Yes we can!

    We also learned about a lot of new things for us non-techies.

    Can’t wait until tomorrow!


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